Lavender Lemonade

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Size: 20mL

Our Summer Sips are a small collection of some of our favourite summertime drinks! Lavender Lemonade is a new twist on an old classic. I first tried a lavender lemonade last year at a summer market and was looking for a way to recreate that juicy and fragrant aroma in my home. This blend is calming and can be used to increase focus. Enjoy this citrusy scent all summer long!


Lavender Lemonade Essential Oil Blend contains:  Lavender, Lemon and Lemongrass

Add 4-5 drops to your Essential Oil Diffuser or you can also add a drop to your lava bead in your Aromatherapy necklace or Aromatherapy bracelet then breathe deeply.  Repeat this throughout the afternoon when you need to perk up!


Cautions: We do not recommend consuming essential oils orally. Dilute before use; may cause skin irritation in some individuals, so a skin test is recommended prior to use. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. For best results Diffuse or use topically with a carrier oil.

Storage: Use amber or cobalt glass bottles, avoid heat and light.


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